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Wherever you are implementing your project – we are already there!

Service centres at STARK

Our service centres around the world are available for advice, project planning, assembly, turnkey installation and commissioning of systems as well as on-site training, repairs and maintenance. Our customer service around the world enjoys outstanding collaboration with our headquarters in Austria and receives comprehensive support in all technical matters.

Machining processes are dependable and reliable


When we deliver STARK products, we also offer further services besides commissioning on your premises. This can be acceptance arranged in advance, which can also take place at the machine manufacturer, for example, or employee training to ensure the safe and efficient use of your STARK zero point clamping system. The STARK service organisation remains at your disposal even after commissioning.

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Maintenance & repairs

STARK’s repair service is straightforward. Simply send products in need of repair to STARK and include the enclosed return form. 

  • We will check the warranty and draw up a cost estimate.
  • Should a repair no longer be possible/economical, we will offer a replacement element.

Return form

Highly qualified employees ensure the highest possible quality standards

On-site customer service

Maintenance – professional fitness for your zero point clamping system

Regular maintenance performed by our service technicians increases and secures the availability of your STARK systems in the long term. Downtimes can be reduced to a minimum.

  • Inspection with function check
  • Early detection of faults and damage
  • Performance of work in accordance with maintenance schedule
  • Recommendation of necessary repairs
  • Immediate repair


Your company’s economic success requires the best possible availability of your STARK system. Our service technicians and replacement parts arrive on site in no time.

  • Fault diagnostics
  • On-site repair
  • Replacement of defective parts
  • Recommendation of necessary repairs
  • Recommendations for preventive action for the zero point clamping system

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You can acquire the expertise necessary to maintain the zero point clamping system from STARK directly. Your employees can attend training to learn how to use your STARK product in a safe and efficient manner either on site or at STARK.

  • individual product training for customers
  • Sector-specific training and seminars

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