STARK.easyclick Anwendungsbeispiel Fräsmaschinen


Zero point clamping system

Single acting, pneumatic


Single acting, pneumatic

The STARK.easyclick is a mechanical fast closing clamp that clicks and holds instantly without energy input. For release, it only needs an air connection with 4 - 8 bar pressure.

Special features of the STARK.easyclick product family:

  • Click: Clamping process by pushing in
  • Compact: Diameter 85 mm and only 19 mm high
  • Powerful: 5 kN clamping force - 10 kN retention force
  • Economical: released at 4 bar
  • Fast: Release time 0.1 sec

Detailed information on the STARK.easyclick product family can be found in the catalogue download:

Catalogue STARK.easyclick

STARK.easyclick - the easiest clamping process: click & hold!
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Benefits & Advantages

Benefits & Advantages - STARK.easyclick

Easiest clamping process - click & hold!

well thought out - tried and tested - unique

  • Click & hold
  • Flat design 
    Diameter 85 mm and only 19 mm high
  • Highest forces on the market
    In this size, the STARK.easyclick achieves the highest forces on the market 
    5 kN clamping force - 10 kN retention force
  • Autonomous solution
    The volume of a manual air pump (e.g. hand pump) is sufficient to release the system
  • Easy to install
    Installation takes place without complex machining processes
STARK.easyclick - click & hold

Functions - STARK.easyclick

Single acting, pneumatic

click & hold 

The STARK.easyclick is a mechanical fast closing clamp that clicks and holds instantly without energy input. For release, it only needs an air connection with 4 - 8 bar pressure (the volume of a hand pump is sufficient).

STARK.easyclick is used in non-cutting and cutting machining.

The mechanical click-in makes the STARK.easyclick particularly suitable for use as a robot gripper in automation technology.

The fast clamping time (click) allows use as a construction element in production lines. The particularly compact design allows narrow pitches; short retractable nipples with a length of 15 mm ensure short lifting distances.

Integrated query options and oil-free operation extend the range of applications. The STARK.easyclick is also available with a seat check and blow-out.

STARK.easyclick Funktionsbeschreibung
STARK.easyclick Functional description - CLICK & HOLD!

click & hold

  • The system is depressurised in the home position.
  • The pallet is clicked in directly when feeding.
  • In principle, it is also possible to retract the pressurised element with the retractable nipple. By switching off the pressure, the system is clamped with spring force. 
STARK.easyclick Funktionsbeschreibung
STARK.easyclick - Function description - RELEASE


  • The system is pressurised (4 - 8 bar); the pallet can be removed.
STARK.easyclick Standard & Tornado
STARK.easyclick Standard & Tornado


  1. Workpiece/nipple pallet
  2. Retractable nipple
  3. STARK.easyclick housing
  4. Piston
  5. Clamping bolt
  6. Pneumatic connection
  7. Tension spring
  8. Blow-out (Tornado)

Tornado blow-out

STARK.easyclick Tornado is a fast closing clamp with an additional central bore in the housing. This bore is connected to the release line and is used for blow-out and seat check. A maximum of 4 STARK.easyclick Tornados may be connected in one clamping circuit. See also Operating Manual WM-020-337

Functional video

Functional video - STARK.easyclick

Application examples

Application examples - STARK.easyclick

Typical application for milling machines

  • Zero point clamping system with 6 STARK.easyclick elements (S7000-019)
  • Vice HILMA.MC 100
  • Easy handling
  • Very low installation height

System options & features

  • Optimal cleaning option
  • Cleanliness due to completely covered machine table
  • Integrated tool measuring system
STARK.easyclick Anwendungsbeispiel Fräsmaschinen
STARK.easyclick Anwendungsbeispiel Fräsmaschinen
STARK.easyclick Kupplungseinheit
STARK.easyclick Kupplungseinheit

Coupling unit with STARK.easyclick

  • Easiest connection of several hydraulic & pneumatic lines
  • No mix-ups & fast
  • Various safety features can be applied – e.g. no uncoupling under pressure, machine release, etc.
  • System can be easily automated
STARK.easyclick Kupplungseinheit
STARK.easyclick Kupplungseinheit
  • Zero point clamping system with blow-out, equipment check and clamp control
  • Simple coupling – one hand grip is enough
  • The machine is only released when the coupling unit is in the parking position
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