Tower Workholding system

HILMA.SCT Tower Workholding system

  • Clamping against the fixed jaw
  • mechanically or hydraulically operated
  • with 3 or 4 clamping sides
  • jaw widths 80 and 120 mm

HILMA.SCT tower workholding systems are used on horizontal machining centres, in vertical machining in connection with 4th axis, but also on 5-axis machining centres. The applications range from manually equipped machines to pallet stations and fully automated systems.
The stability of the clamping systems and the high retention force due to the use of the special grip reversible jaw with hard metal coating make pre-embossing of the workpieces superfluous.

Tower workholding systems of the HILMA.SCT series excel by a very compact design. Thanks to the adjusting spindle arranged in the upper part of the housing, deformation in the base during clamping is reduced.
All essential components are made of steel.

Tower Workholding system
HILMA.SCT Tower workholding system
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HILMA Étaux machines pour pièces à usiner

HILMA Vue d’ensemble de la gamme
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HILMA Étaux machines pour pièces à usiner
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