Zero point clamping system with

integrated sensor system & maximum clamping force


Single acting, pneumatic

The STARK.airtec is a pneumatically operated zero point clamping system which, despite its compact external dimensions, generates maximum clamping forces. In addition to the simple versions with a flush-mounted and modular design, the STARK.airtec series also includes fast closing clamps that have an integrated querying unit.

Special features of the STARK.airtec product family:

  • Low maintenance: intervals up to 2 million cycles
  • Process reliability: Industry 4.0 ready
  • Powerful: circulating clamping segments
  • Precise: cylindrical fit
  • Fast: clamping/release time 0.2 sec

Detailed information on the STARK.airtec product family can be found in the catalogue download:

Catalogue STARK.airtec

STARK.airtec with integrated sensor technology and maximum clamping force
Manual loading
Properties & application areas

Compact outer dimensions, mechanically clamped, pneumatically released

The products of the STARK.airtec series are fast closing clamps made of high-quality tool steel and optionally housings made of hard anodised aluminium with very small space requirements due to compact external dimensions. The system is mechanically tensioned with springs and pneumatically released. Circumferential clamping segments ensure that the retractable nipple is held optimally, securely and with positive locking all around in the fast closing clamp.

Many versions, integrated querying unit

Within the product family, a large number of design versions are available, which can be optimally used depending on the respective application area. In addition to the simple versions with a flush-mounted and modular design, the STARK.airtec series also includes fast closing clamps that have an integrated querying unit. In addition, the clamping status of the element can easily be recorded and signalled by means of three signals ("clamped without nipple", "nipple clamped" or "released"). The module supports every application by means of LEDs directly on the back of the element as well as digitally for forwarding to a higher-level control system. The query is designed to be fail-safe and suitable for use in welding systems.

Optimised for use on machine tools

The products of the STARK.airtec family are optimised as zero-point clamping elements of the category "mechanical engineering" for use on machine tools and guarantee the highest repeat accuracy and process reliability. These products enable all common machining operations such as milling, grinding, eroding as well as the use on test benches and assembly devices. With the integrated "blow-out" cleaning function, the products can also be ideally used with automated loading.

Robot-supported loading and unloading

The product family has been extended with special versions designed for installation in systems for vehicle body shell construction, assembly systems and for connecting machine elements. Here, the focus is on robot-supported loading and unloading or the dynamic composition of devices in open space.

Additional functions using various retractable nipples

A wide range of retractable nipples is available to match the fast closing clamps that can provide additional functions (e.g. unique equalisation of ± 1.5 mm) or can be screwed into the device in a simple form depending on the application.

Benefits & Advantages

Tried and tested technology with system – original down to the smallest detail

STARK.airtec design
STARK.airtec design

1. Design

  • Compact design (flush-mounted version, screw-in version or module)
  • High retention force, enormous force density
  • Low-maintenance, designed for high load changes (> 2 million in endurance test)
  • Made of high-quality tool steel and chrome steel
  • Activation by clean air, releasable from 5 bar
  • Can be operated without an additional maintenance unit
  • Environmentally friendly and clean operation (no oil)
  • Particularly suitable in oil-free environments, e.g. in the food, aviation or medical technology industries.
STARK.airtec Cylindrical fit
STARK.airtec Cylindrical fit

2. Cylindrical fit

  • Due to the cylindrical fit, high lateral forces during machining can be absorbed by the STARK.airtec fast closing clamp
  • Ideal pre-centring for Römheld coupling elements without coupling travel
STARK.airtec Forced control
STARK.airtec Forced control

3. Forced control

  • The segments are mechanically operated
  • Powerful and safe clamping is guaranteed at all times
  • 2 million clamping cycles tested in endurance tests, full functional readinesseven under extreme conditions.
  • Functions reliably in any installation position
  • Very fast clamping and release time – 0.2 sec
STARK.airtec Segments
STARK.airtec Segments

4. Segments

  • Due to the optimal circumferential force closure of the clamping segments, the retractable nipple is held securely with positive locking in the STARK.airtec fast closing clamp.
STARK.airtec Fully integrated sensors
STARK.airtec Fully integrated sensors

5. Fully integrated sensors

  • Unambiguous recording of the clamping status
  • Direct rear signalling via LEDs
  • Digital outputs for simple further processing in the higher-level control system
  • High level of robustness and usability in welding environments

Single acting, pneumatic

The STARK.airtec is a pneumatically operated zero point clamping system.
The piston is held in the clamping position by springs – this piston has a single acting pneumatic design.

STARK.airtec functional description
STARK.airtec functional description

Release pneumatically:

  • Pneumatic pressure (2) is applied to the piston (1) which moves upwards.
  • The clamping fingers (4) are moved upwards by the piston (2) and pull the segments (5) outwards.
  • The retractable nipple (6) is released.
STARK.airtec functional description
STARK.airtec functional description

Clamp mechanically:

  • The pneumatics are released. The pneumatic pressure drops to 0 bar.
  • The spring pre-tensioning force 3 is initiated via the piston 2 which moves down.
  • The clamping fingers 4 are pulled down by the piston 2 and push the clamping segments 5 inwards.
  • The retractable nipple 5 is pulled down by the clamping surface on the clamping segments 6 and clamps on the support surface.
Functional video

Operating principle

Zero point clamping system STARK.airtec

Application example

Application engineering


Application for milling machines – durable & easy to service

  • Coupling unit with zero-point clamping system (device pallet - handling system)
    2 elements STARK.airtec with integrated query (S5000-230)
  • Fast closing plate with 4 elements STARK.classic.2 NG
  • Connections for handling system
    > 1x pneumatic connection
    > 1x signal line with M12 plug connection
  • Process reliability
    > Release control
    > Clamp control

System options

  • Presence control
  • Pallet detection (RFID)
  • Blow-out via STARK.airtec element

Application example

mechanical engineering

Typical application formilling machines

  • Zero-point clamping system 4 elements
    STARK.airtec (S5000-104)
  • Multiple coupling for media transfer to the device pallet
  • Pallet indexing
  • 1x pneumatic line for opening the STARK.airtec elements
  • 5x pneumatic lines for clamping device
    (clamping and monitoring)

System options

  • Couplings for pneumatic, hydraulic and vacuum transfer
  • Blow-out via STARK.airtec element
  • Seat check
  • Centre distances from 80 mm possible
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