Zero point clamping system with

integrated sensor system & active insertion


Single and double acting, pneumatic

The STARK.connect series consists of fast closing clamps made of high-quality tool steel and housings made of anodised, high-strength aluminium with very small space requirements due to compact external dimensions. The system is mechanically tensioned with springs, pneumatically powerenhanced and also pneumatically released. The integrated spring assembly makes the STARK.connect self-locking.

Special features of the STARK.connect product family:

  • Process-reliable: Industry 4.0 ready
  • Flexible: various equalising options
  • Ideal: active insertion despite small design
  • Robust: high level of resilience
  • Fast: very short clamping/release time

Detailed information on the STARK.connect product family can be found in the catalogue download:

Catalogue STARK.connect


STARK.connect with integrated sensor system & active insertion
Manual loading
Properties & application areas

Automated production

The STARK.connect zero point clamping system is used wherever workpieces, devices, pallets and machine elements are to be connected with machine tools, robots and manipulators safely, quickly, automatically and a high degree of reproducibility. The fast clamping systems are versatile, extremely resistant and therefore suitable for environments with welding robots, for example for flexible and automated production in body-in-white construction.

Integrated sensor system with querying unit

The integrated querying unit detects and signals the clamping state using three signals ("clamped without nipple," "nipple clamped" or "released") displayed via LEDs directly on the rear of the element and digitally enabled for transmission to a higher-level control system. The query is designed to be fail-safe and is also suitable for use in welding systems.

Active insertion with compensation mechanism

A characteristic of the STARK.connect is the floating fixture with active insertion, which guarantees perfect flatness of the workpiece. Its special design allows the retractable nipple to be extended and retracted at an angle. If the workpiece changes, for example as a result of temperature changes, the clamping mechanism can move sideways. The compensation mechanism of the STARK.connect can compensate position errors of up to 1.5 mm. No lateral forces act on the retractable nipples during compensation. The retractable nipple is drawn in automatically and with high force. Within half a second, the system is mechanically clamped with springs and pneumatically power-enhanced. Due to the spring force, the system is self-locking.

High forces & robust design - ideal for welding environments

STARK.connect achieves a pull-in force of 3 kN at 5 bar. The maximum retention force is 10 kN. Thanks to its robust design and shielded electronics, the zero-point clamping system is particularly suitable for welding environments.

Benefits & Advantages

Tried and tested technology with system – original down to the smallest detail

1. Design

  • Compact design with high clamping forces
  • Pneumatic double-acting system with clamping force support
  • Simple installation contour
  • Easy to maintain – simple installation and cleaning
  • Made of high-quality, stainless materials

2. Floating support

  • Clamping mechanism can move sideways (e.g. temperature variation)
  • Inclined entry and exit possible
  • Optimal for automated applications

3. Active insertion & optional lifting

  • Active insertion force for optimum flat support
  • Maximum catch range with 4.5 mm travel
  • Vibrations are damped and the quality of the workpieces is thus increased
  • Easy robot feeding and removal
  • Flexible handling with and without lifting of 1.5 mm from the fit

4. Flexible equalising options

  • Equalising possible via fast closing clamp or retractable nipple
    > Tolerance range with retractable nipple AG ± 0.05 mm / OZ ± 0.2 mm
    > Tolerance range with fast closing clamp ± 0.75 mm
  • Flexible option to compensate for tolerances due to material mix, temperature variation or large designs

5. Fully integrated sensors

  • Unambiguous recording of the clamping state
  • Direct rear signalling via LEDs
  • Digital outputs for simple further processing in the higher-level control system
  • High level of robustness and usability in welding environments

Single and double acting, pneumatic

STARK.connect is a pneumatically operated zero point clamping system.
A piston is held in the clamping position by springs. The piston has a double-acting pneumatic design.

Safe clamping from 4.5 mm
Retracted, clamped and positioned with high force
Released with/without lifting


  • The piston (2) is subjected to the release pressure (1) and moves upwards.
    The springs (3) are compressed.
  • The balls (4) move to the parking position.
  • The retractable nipple (5) is lifted – "released" signal.


  • The release pressure (1) is relieved and drops to 0 bar.
  • The spring pre-tensioning force is initiated via the piston (2), which moves down.
  • The balls (4) are pressed inwards by the clamping contour, enclose the retractable nipple (5) and pull it on the flat support – "clamped with retractable nipple" signal.
  • If there is no retractable nipple in the insertion mechanism, the piston (2) moves to the stop position – "clamped without retractable nipple" signal.
  • The piston (2) can be additionally subjected to clamping pressure (6), thus increasing the insertion force.
Functional video

Operating principle

Zero point clamping system STARK.connect

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