Quick clamp & release

and long maintenance intervals


Double-acting, hydraulic

The STARK.balance fast closing clamp is a hydraulic single-acting zero point clamping system. A piston is held in the clamping position by springs. The clamping mechanism can be moved in the X and Y axis with little force. Due to the compact dimensions, it requires only little space. STARK.hydratec - an investment that pays for itself in a very short time.

Maximum productivity

  • Using the zero point clamping system STARK.hydratec you will increase your production times to a maximum
  • This clamping element stands for the highest requirements in automation

Maximum flexibility

  • STARK.hydratec has a uniform interface that can be arranged variably.
  • STARK.hydratec features compact design, easy assembly, as well as high, fast changing cycles.

Maximum safety

  • Insensitive to soiling due to central locking and effective clearing device.
  • Highest possible safety in automation due to integrated polling features (clamped, released, mount control).
Double-acting, hydraulic
Manual loading

Positioning and clamping in one function

  • STARK.hydratec released:
    The highly effective clearing device and the central locking keep the bearing surface and the positioning hole clean
  • Feed pallet:
    The central locking is pushed down out of the way and the pallet is positioned at a distance of exactly 4.5 mm * in the correct position for the clamping process. If couplings are used, these are then also in the required axial position for exact engagement.
    * Other distances possible as an option
  • STARK.hydratec clamped:
    The clamping pressure is now applied to the system. Protection is normally provided using a non-return valve that can be opened. The pipe for the clearing air is now used to poll whether the pallet is in contact. Clamping elements with further options such as release check and clamping check that poll the piston directly are available in the STARK range.


Product catalogue Zero point clamping system STARK.hydratec
ID: WM-020-290
Format: PDF
Size: 14 MB


Manual STARK.hydratec
ID: WM-020-205
Format: PDF
Size: 474 KB
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