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STARK zero point clamping systems

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Zero point clamping systems

Minimum set-up time. Maximum reliability.

  • Greater productivity
  • Maximum flexibility in production
  • Maximum process reliability
  • Reduced manufacturing costs thanks to optimised set-up times


Light- to medium-duty

STARK offers price-conscious entry-level models for the special requirements of light- to medium-duty machining. Highest possible accuracy and maximum process reliability distinguish the extensive product range of STARK.

Examples of requirements

  • Aluminium and plastic machining
  • Price-conscious entry-level models
  • Easy to use

Suitable solutions:

Turning and milling applications

Standard – high-precision – large

Highest possible accuracy and maximum process reliability distinguish the extensive product range of STARK. STARK offers suitable solutions for the specific requirements of turning and milling applications.

Examples of requirements

  • High machining forces
  • Five-axis machining
  • Casting machining
  • Machining of large workpieces
  • Ideal for high-performance machining centres
  • Maximum safety for milling & turning applications
  • Integrated media duct

Suitable solutions:

Direct clamping

STARK developed the STARK.balance and STARK.hydratec product families for the special requirements of direct workpiece clamping.

Examples of requirements

  • Workpiece machining exact down to the zero point across multiple machines
  • Accessibility from 5 sides
  • Use of existing threads on the workpiece
  • Zero point-oriented flexibility
  • Equalisation options for tolerances and temperature sensitivity
  • Ideally suited for cast parts

Suitable solutions:

Welding & assembly

STARK provides the appropriate zero point clamping systems for the diverse requirements in the field of welding & assembly – from simple standard solutions all the way to complex Industry 4.0 applications. 

Examples of requirements

  • Standard to Industry 4.0 applications
  • Automation of welding systems
  • Equalisation options for tolerances and temperature sensitivity
  • Flexibilisation options in the areas of: framer, geo gripper, geoskit
  • Easy device change in assembly & handling technology

Suitable solutions:


Experience pays off! STARK developed the first automation solutions for the automotive industry back in the early 1990s. Today, STARK offers solutions for both the automation of new machining centres and the simple retrofitting of existing systems.  

Examples of requirements

  • High change cycles
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • Short change times
  • Innovative self-cleaning function on the zero point clamping system
  • State-of-the-art & process-safe monitoring technology
  • Consistent solution for process lines, machining, cleaning, assembly, measuring, e.g.: cylinder head production
  • Solution for pallet handling, e.g.: STARK.gripper


Suitable solutions:

Additive manufacturing

STARK offers ideal solutions for the specific requirements of additive manufacturing processes. In contrast to conventional manufacturing processes, additive manufacturing involves building up the workpieces and parts layer by layer. Zero point clamping systems from the STARK.basic NG product series are adapted for additive manufacturing processes, designed specifically for use at high temperatures and guarantee the highest possible accuracy and maximum process reliability.

Examples of requirements

  • Production at high temperatures
  • Interface optimisation for various processing steps (e.g. intermediate measurements)
  • Economical from a batch size of 1 to series production
  • High individualisation of products
  • Automation
Additive manufacturing
Additive application

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